Underground tunnel in Lomas de Zamora


  • Employer Aysa
  • Country Argentine
  • Sector water and irrigation works, hydraulic tunnels
  • Area Buenos Aires
  • Contract value € 150,000,000 (2017 Annual Report)
  • Locality Lomas de Zamora
  • Ongoing work
  • Partecipation 100%


This project envisages the excavation and construction of a 13.5 km long tunnel, excavated with two EPB TBMs, having an outer diameter of 4.4 m and an inner diameter of 3.9 m (lining with  recast segments). The tunnel will carry drinking water from an existing water treatment plant to a population of 2.4 million people. Works will be executed in the ‘partido’ de Quilmes and Lomas de Zamora and is strategically important at a national level, since it is the largest project to be carried out in Argentina over the last 40 years and because of its ‘social’ significance. The TBMs have eight hydraulic motors having a power of 90 kW and a cruising rotation speed of 4 revolutions per minute. The two boring machines will be assembled in different rising shafts and will then be extracted through other shafts specifically built to that purpose. The tunnel will start with an approximately 400-meter radius bend and will then continue along an essentially straight line across a strongly anthropized environment and reaching a maximum slope of +/- 2.0%.


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