U.S. Military base Dal Molin


  • Employer U.S. Government E.M. Dept. of the Navy
  • Country Italy
  • Sector building projects, civil and public buildings
  • Area Veneto
  • Contract value 252,000,000 euro
  • Locality Vicenza
  • Finished work in 06 2013
  • Partecipation 66%


Design-Build Project for the realization of a U.S. Military Base with 34 Multipurpose Buildings having different functions.

The total dimension of the area involved in the project is 600.000sqm, 77.000mq of which is the building area.

The main realizations are: barracks dormitories, physical fitness, POV parkings, vehicle maintenance facilities and Brigade Headquarter. Roads, green areas and sport fields are included.

The basic concept used in the design work has been the creation of a “Campus” for military personnel (that will be around 3.500 units), ecologically sustainable and able to promote pedestrian mobility inside. This Campus is designed to meet multiple military operational requirements, including support activities.


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