Theun Hinboun Expansion Project


  • Employer Theun Hinboun Power Company Limited
  • Country Laos
  • Sector water and irrigation works, hydroelectric plant
  • Area Bolikhamsai
  • Contract value 192.260.000 euro
  • Locality Tha Bak
  • Finished work in 10 2012
  • Partecipation 100%


The project is the expansion from 220 to 440 MW of the installed capacity of the existing hydroelectric power plant.

The expansion project will comprise the construction of a rolled compacted concrete dam 65 meters high with a crest length of about 500 meters that includes a power station with two 30 MW turbine-generator units.

Works include also the construction of  a new water intake and a second concrete lined headrace tunnel, 5.500 meters long, with internal diameter of 6,5 meters located parallel to the existing tunnel, a steel penstock 1.000 meters long with diameter ranging between 5,8 and 5,3 meters and a new power station, with one Francis type 220 MW turbine-generator unit, located on the right side of the existing power station.


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