Tabellout dam and water transfer tunnel


  • Employer Agence National des Barrages, ANB
  • Country Algeria
  • Sector water and irrigation works, dams
  • Area Jijel
  • Contract value 158.900.000 euro
  • Finished work in 10 2015
  • Partecipation 45%


The construction of  Tabellout dam and relevant water transfer tunnel is part of the Setif-Hodna Project for the collection and distribution of water in order to meet the water requiments of the semi-arid plateau of the Setif region.

The scheme is designed for an annual transfer of approximately 300 milion m3 of water, of which 25% is destined for drinking water supplies and 75% for irrigation.

The Tabellout dam is a Rolled Compacted Concrete (RCC) dam, 975.400 m3, the maximum height from foundation is 121m, length at crest and crest width are respectively of 366m and 8m.

The works consist of a spillway integrated in the body of the dam with a length of 2×22.5m with a flood capacity of about 981 m3/sec; a bottom outlet to be constructed by means of two pipes at the left bank with a length of 77.60m and 30m equipped by two gates.

A temporary diversion to be made by two tunnels of 380m and 431m horseshoe section of 6m height and 4.5m reverse arc is included.

The water transfer tunnel originates from the SR1 pumping station that pumps the water from Tabellout dam reservoir to the tunnel, through which the water flows by gravity until the intermediate basin on Halib river. From here the water will be pumped by a second pumping station until Draa Diss reservoir.


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