First maxi section of motorway SS640 Agrigento-Caltanissetta


  • Employer Anas Spa
  • Country Italy
  • Sector transport, roads and motorways
  • Area Sicily
  • Contract value € 439,000,000 (Amounting to € 351,000,000 2016 Annual Report)
  • Locality Racalmuto (Agrigento)
  • Finished work in 08 2020
  • Partecipation 80%


The works consist of the upgrading of the SS640 motorway of Porto Empedocle, stretch Agrigento-Caltanissetta for a total length of 31,2 kilometres.

The project includes the widening of the two-way motorway, with each carriageway comprising two lanes of 3,75 metres, plus paved shoulders of 1,75 metres divided by median strip.

This motorway stretch comprises 7 junctions and 67 minor roads. Key works will include 3 tunnels and 21 viaducts while the minor roads network comprises the construction of 5 new viaducts and the refurbishing of an existing one.

The total length of viaducts will be approximately 6 kilometres.


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