Porto Corsini Cruise Terminal


  • Employer Autorità Portuale di Ravenna
  • Country Italy
  • Sector water control and marine works
  • Area Emilia-Romagna
  • Contract value 22,100,000 euro
  • Locality Ravenna
  • Finished work in 06 2010
  • Partecipation 100%


The work is part of the project to provide the outer port north of Porto Corsini of some facilities, first of all a protruding structure for the docking of cruise ships, then a smaller dock for mooring of minors and military means, and finally a vessels slipway/laying up facility.

Located on the Porto Corsini waterfront near to the access to Candiano Canal, between the pine forest and the beach, the new Cruise Terminal, will significantly reduce the time of entry and hauling into the harbor and will be able to accommodate the larger ships currently in circulation (two of the four berths will be able to moor vessels up to 350 meters long with a draft up to 10:50 m).

The protruding structure, 301.20 m long 40 m wide, with a depth of -11.50 m, is perpendicular to the bank quay, also built by Cmc

The new cruise terminal is a cofferdam surmounted by a reinforced concrete capping beam; bulkhead sheet piles are longitudinally divided into five cells, each approximately 60.00 m long and are connected by a double row of steel tie-rods, the wharf is filled with quarry sand and its consolidation has been facilitated by the installation of drainage ribbon. It comes with underground utilities, furnishings and finishes.

The works include the dredging up to -9.00m of the seabed, for a total quantity of 910,000 m3.


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