Port of La Spezia


  • Employer Autorità Portuale di La Spezia
  • Country Italy
  • Sector water control and marine works
  • Area Liguria
  • Contract value 14,200,000 euro
  • Locality La Spezia
  • Finished work in 08 2001
  • Partecipation 100%


Construction of a new wharf of 32.000 m2, yards and furnishings at Ravano Terminal and extension and the consolidation of Malaspina Wharf and Garibaldi pier in the Commercial port of La Spezia.

The structures of new wharf are made of steel sheet piling surmounted by a beam of reinforced concrete roof. The piles are anchored to a contrasting sheet pile by steel tie rods.

In relation to the nature of the seabed and the access roads to the terminal, the piling of the steel sheet piles HZ type of 27m length, of the contrasting sheet piles and of passive connecting rods were fully realized through the use of maritime resources and pile driving equipment of adequate power owned Cmc.


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