NIP2 Standiana water purifier


  • Employer Romagne Acqua Spa
  • Country Italy
  • Sector ecology and environment, water purificaton plants
  • Area Emilia-Romagna
  • Contract value € 13,333,000 (amounting € 8,000,000 – 2015 Annual Report)
  • Locality Ravenna
  • Finished work in 09 2015
  • Partecipation 60%


The new water purifier named NIP2, water-fed by the Canale Emiliano Romagnolo, will work with 1100 liters of water per second, an yearly flow rate of 25 millions cubic meters and will use one the most modern water purifying method called “ULTRAFILTRATION”, able to produce a huge amount of drinkabal water.

The total amount of project is around 38,5 millions of Euros: the start up will be in the 2016 and the following year the plant will be at top speed.

This new NIP2 water purifier is second to the bigger one of situated in Ridracoli, in terms of capacity and the 40 km. of interconnection water pipe line will grant a considerable quantity of additional resource.

The new optimization and the relevant water supplying system development will make possible the complete interconnection with Romagna’s water supplying.


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