New Coca Cola bottling plant


  • Employer Coca Cola Sabco
  • Country Mozambique
  • Sector building projects, industrial buildings
  • Contract value 34,374.300
  • Locality Maputo
  • Finished work in 12 2016
  • Partecipation 100%


Construction of a building complex equipped with an electrical substation for electricity supply.
The project envisaged the construction of an industrial building hosting the RTB (Returnable Glass Bottles) and PET bottling lines, warehouses for storage andshipment activities, service and logistic buildings, recycling facilities, a wastewater treatment plant, and an office building with customer center.
The overall sheltered area, divided into 13 multistory blocks, is approximately 28,000 m².
The main activities can be summarized as follows: 9,800 linear meters of piling works, 16,000 m³ of concrete structures and 20,000 m² of masonry works, plus metal structures for roofs and walkways, special floors, and the construction of high-capacity yards.


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