Milan external eastern by-pass


  • Employer Tangenziale Esterna SpA
  • Country Italy
  • Sector transport, roads and motorways
  • Area Lombardia
  • Contract value 1.400.000.000 euro
  • Locality Milan
  • Finished work in 08 2015
  • Partecipation 8,5%


The company Tangenziale Esterna SpA, in which Cmc has an interest, holds title to the convention assigning the concession for the engineering, construction and management of the Milan external eastern by-pass on a project financing basis.

The assignment is for the construction of a new toll road between the Agrate Brianza junction on the A4 Milan-Venice motorway and the Melegnano junction on the A1 Milan-Bologna motorway, for a total of approximately 33 km.

The new motorway link will be located largely in the province of Milan (approximately 25.6 km), with a small section in the province of Lodi (approximately 7.4 km). The project envisages three motorway intersections and seven exits linked to state roads, with approximately 23.6 km of embankments, approximately 5.5 km of cuttings, approximately 1.8 km on viaducts and approximately 2.1 km through manmade tunnels.


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