Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme


  • Employer Eskom Enterprises
  • Country South Africa
  • Sector water and irrigation works, hydroelectric plant
  • Area KwaZulu-Natal, (South) Umzinyathi DC, Nqutu
  • Contract value € 1,279,412,000 (Amounting to € 652,500,000 2016 Annual Report)
  • Locality Seven
  • Finished work in 10 2016
  • Partecipation 51%


Construction of the Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme, a 1340 MW capacity hydroelectric plant, with an energy storage capacity of 21,000 MWh.

Works include the construction of an intake canal, two headrace tunnels with a total length of 2,000 metres, an underground powerhouse which will house four Francis type pump/turbines 335 MW each and a transformer cavern.

Works include also the construction of a tailrace tunnel 2,450 metres long, of ventilation and surge shafts, of a tailrace outlet canal and of the intake and outlet structures.


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