Excavation for Shanxi River water diversion


  • Employer Shanxi Water Resources
  • Country China
  • Sector water and irrigation works, hydraulic tunnels
  • Area Shanxi Sheng
  • Contract value € 73,730,000 (amounting to € 55,300,000 – 2017 Annual Report)
  • Locality Taiyuan Shi, Xinghualing Qu
  • Finished work in 11 2019
  • Partecipation 75%


This project consists in the excavation of a 23.6 km tunnel using a double-shield rock TBM by Seli Technologies. The tunnel will have a 4.1 m diameter and will be lined with a system of 4 precast hexagonal segments per ring, having a length of 1.2 m. The goal is the construction of the East Trunk Line stretch (main stretch) for the water supply system in the southern part of the Shanxi Province.
The peculiar features of this project, related to the tunnel shaft, required the use of advanced technical solutions, including special locomotives and rolling stocks, which were specifically built to suit the construction site’s technical features. Another peculiarity was the large presence of water, which called for a special study aimed at ensuring appropriate dewatering from the tunnel.
This required the construction of three pumping stations built in dedicated niches that were excavated beside the tunnel.


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