Design and construction of an exploration tunnel for the Turin-Lyon railway line (French side)


  • Employer TELT
  • Country France
  • Sector transport, railways and subways
  • Area Rhône-Alpes, Savoie
  • Contract value € 391,250,000 (amounting to € 62,600,000 – 2017 Annual Report)
  • Locality Saint-Martin-de-la-Porte
  • Ongoing
  • Partecipation 16%


The existing road is part of the corridor between the Capital of Namibia (Windhoek) and the North of the Country.

The existing road is a Single Carriageway about 7.0 mts width with top surface in Surface Dressing (single 19.0 mm aggregate) and Slurry Seal on top.

Scope of Works is the building on new Carriageway located on the RHS of the existing (called Southern Bound because accommodate traffic to Windhoek on South Direction).

The Existing Carriageway (or Northern Bound) will be upgraded to the same standard of the new carriageway. Width of the new road is 0.50 mts outer rounding, 3.00 mts outer Shoulder, 2 x 3.70 mts road and 2.00 mts inner shoulder, for a total of 12.90 mts new road. The median separating the two carriageways is 22.60 mts in soil.

The existing road has 3 (river) bridges. Therefore 3 new bridges will be required on the new carriageway. The existing will be widen to the new carriageway width.

The Scope of Structure Works include also the construction of 4 Interchanges crossing both carriageways.


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