Casecnan Multipurpose Power Project


  • Employer CE Casecnan Water and Energy Company, inc.
  • Country Philippines
  • Sector water and irrigation works, hydroelectric plant
  • Area Central Luzon, Nueva Ecija
  • Contract value 240,000,000 USD
  • Locality Carranglan, Bridge
  • Finished work in 12 2001
  • Partecipation 50%


Casecnan Multipurpose Power Project is a water diversion scheme for hydropower generation and irrigation purposes.

It consists of two river weirs, with long term diurnal storage in the headponds and intake works on the rivers Casecnan and Taan Rivers and the excavation of a 25 km long transbasin tunnel to divert water from the intakes into the Pantabangan Reservoir.

The design flow capacity of the transbasin tunnel and ancillary facilities is 80 m3/sec. Before flowing into Pantabangan reservoir, water will generate electrical energy. The installed capacity is 150 MW and the estimated energy generation is 730 GWh/year.

The main components of the project are: diversions weirs on Taan and Casecnan Rivers composed of concrete gravity structures 22 and 40 m. high respectively, equipped with 3 radial gates and annexed intake structures, tunnel Taan-Casecnan, excavated with drill&blast method and partially concrete lined, connecting the two river basins, with a length of 2 km, transbasin pressure tunnel 25 km long, underground powerhouse cavern, 21×3 x74 m., which accommodates two Francis turbines 75 MW each, an overhead 160 tons capacity travelling crane and associated equipment.


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