Design and construction of an exploration tunnel for the Turin-Lyon railway line (French side)


project details

  • Employer TELT
  • Country France
  • Sector transport, railways and subways
  • Area Rhône-Alpes, Savoie
  • Contract value € 391,250,000 (amounting to € 62,600,000 - 2017 Annual Report)
  • Locality Saint-Martin-de-la-Porte
  • Status completed
  • Latitude 45.239624

  • Longitude 6.4481

project description

The contract for the design and construction of the exploration tunnel in the Saint-Martin-la-Porte shaft was won by the grouping Spie batignolles Tpci (Lead company), Eiffage Tp, Cmc di Ravenna, Ghella SpA et Cogeis SpA.

The works mainly involve the construction of an exploration tunnel, 9 km of which will be excavated by TBM and almost 3.5 km using traditional techniques.
In the future, the exploration tunnel will be the south section of the cross-border tunnel.