The African Fish-Eagle, an important environmental indicator

African-fish-eagleEach year, a ‘Bird of the Year’ is chosen by BirdLife South Africa. This year, it’s the African Fish-Eagle. David Maphisa, BirdLife SA’s project manager at Ingula, photographed a juvenile Fish-Eagle near Braamhoek Dam on February 28. This brings Ingula’s bird species list to an impressive 255!

Birds are excellent flagships and important environmental indicators. Ingula conservation manager Peter Nelson says the fact that Fish-Eagles are appearing at Ingula is a very positive sign and he has been eagerly waiting for this for six years. Water in the Braamhoek Dam has been settling for the last 10 months and visibility has improved significantly – so much so that fish have been seen in the water from the dam wall. African Fish Eagles are indigenous to sub-Saharan Africa.