The construction of a new wastewater treatment works


project details

  • Employer Mogalakwena Local Municipality
  • Country South Africa
  • Sector water purificaton plants
  • Area Limpopo, Mokopane
  • Contract value 25,000,000 (amounting to € 19,900,000 - 2017 Annual Report )
  • Locality Mogalakwena
  • Status completed
  • Latitude -24.180886

  • Longitude 29.013892

project description

The site is located in Mokopane, approximately 60 km from Polokwane, Limpopo Province in South Africa.
The project is multi-disciplinary and includes the civil, mechanical, electrical and control and instrumentation work. 
The construction of works takes place at three different sites, namely:
· The 10 M/d plant will comprise some of the following civil works, namely bulk earthworks, water retaining structures, buildings, roads, storm water, interconnecting pipework. The mechanical component takes into account the following requirements, namely; screening, pumping, aeration
and mixing. Bulk power supply to the works and the electrification of the various equipment and building also forms part to the works.

· The refurbishment of the Mogalakwena WWTW which includes the construction of new sludge drying beds, new pumping line from existing waste activated sludge (WAS) pump station to the new drying beds and the gravitated outlet pipeline from the new drying beds to the existing outfall sewer.

· The construction of 13 km bulk outfall sewers to cater for diverting the flow from the Mogalakwena WWTW to the new works and also for the future capacity increase requirements in the sewer network. The work includes the construction of a new pump station in the network.