Cmc Africa Austral

Cmc Africa Austral


Cmc Africa Austral

The Company was founded at the end of 2000 by Cmc that has been operating in Mozambique since 1982 when the Cooperative began the construction of the Pequenos Libombos Dam, for the water supply of Maputo. Cmc transferred to Cmc Africa Austral Lda all industrial areas, plant and equipment owned in Mozambique.


Currently Cmc Africa Austral Lda is the largest Mozambican civil contractor with a total workforce of over 3.000 people and a yearly turnover of about 100 million Euro. Over these years Cmc Africa Austral Lda has expanded its activity into other Southern Africa Countries such as Swaziland, the Republic of South Africa, Malawi, Angola and Lesotho.


Nearby civil contracting Cmc Africa Austral Lda operates in complementary sectors such as wood manufacture, production and sale of mix concrete, quarrying, selling and processing of aggregates for civil construction as well as real estate.


Cmc holds a 99% share in Cmc Africa Austral Lda.



Cmc Africa Austral, Lda

Avenida Vladimir Lenine n. 174 _ 9° /10° Andares

Edificio Millennium Park - Maputo

Caixa Postal 4602

Tel. +258-21343900

Matola, Mozambico

Phone: 00258 1 780357

Fax: 00258 1 780335

[email protected]