Cmc at a glance

Cmc di Ravenna is a leading international construction group specializing in complex infrastructure projects in Italy and globally. Cmc provides domestic and international general contracting services for medium to large construction project, with a particular focus on transport infrastructure networks (including major roads and motorways, tunneling, high-speed railways and subways), as well as water and irrigation infrastructure works, commercial and residential buildings and marine works.

Currently involved in over 80 projects worldwide, Cmc has operations in 21 countries on five continents (Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia) and has completed projects in over 40 countries.

Thanks to its highly specialized technical engineering capabilities, Cmc is one of the leading international contractor for tunneling works and is currently handling several projects globally that involve tunneling works, including the Singapore metro downtown line 3 (sections C926 and C927), hydraulic tunnels in China, Chile, India, Nepal and South Africa and La Maddalena exploration tunnel for the new high-speed railway connection from Turin to Lyon.

In the past, Cmc has completed technologically complex construction projects, including hydroelectric plants in the Philippines and Laos, the El Salaam Syphon under the Suez Canal in Egypt, motorway tunnels and viaducts in Taiwan, over 150 kilometers of hydraulic tunnels in China and dam and road projects in a number of countries including South Africa, Mozambique, Angola and Algeria.

With the technological expertise and experience of approximately 9,000 employees and a consolidated annual turnover of over €1,000 million, Cmc ranks as the fifth-largest Italian construction company.

Cmc has been in operation for over 110 years.