Sic Società Adriatica Impianti e Cave


Sic Società Adriatica Impianti e Cave

Sic Società Adriatica Impianti e Cave operates its own plants, located in the Romagna provinces of Ravenna and Rimini for the quarrying, processing and selling of aggregates for civil construction.


Operations are carried out directly by Sic at Manzona Quarry located in Savio, Ravenna and by the company Emir Srl at Verucchio Quarry located near Rimini.


The first year of operation of the Company was 1997 after the spin-off of Cmc’s going concern of "Plants and Quarries".


During the year 2011 Sic, jointly with the company Acmar, established the new company Acr Srl for the production and sale of ready mix concrete and bitumen mix.


Production and selling activities carried out today by Sic represent the evolution of the experiences and results achieved by Cmc in the past.


At present Sic has remarkably increased its turnover and its presence on the market, thus allowing its positive entry among the main competitors operating on the marketplace in this field. The ability of its skilled workers and the technologies used allow Sic to offer its customers a high degree of reliability for the services provided.


Cmc holds a 87,5% interest in Sic.



Sic Società Adriatica Impianti e Cave SpA

Head office: Via Trieste, 76

48122 Ravenna

Phone: + 39 0544 428222

Fax + 39 0544 428500

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