Design and construction of an LPG station in the Port of Mohammedia, Morocco


project details

  • Employer Royaume du Maroc – Agence Nationale des Ports Direction Regionale Atlantique Nord et Direction du Port de Mohammedia
  • Country Morocco
  • Sector water control and marine works
  • Area Grand Casablanca, Mohammédia
  • Contract value € 30.000.000 (amounting to € 12.000.000 - 2015 Annual Report)
  • Locality Mohammédia
  • Status completed
  • Latitude 33.683509

  • Longitude -7.384855

project description

This project involves the design and construction of new moorings for large LPG carriers in the Port of Mohammedia, in Morocco (a few kilometers away from Casablanca), including new mooring
structures and an unloading platform consisting of large reinforced concrete cell box girders. 

Approximately 1,000 tons of connecting steel structures (bridges for vehicles, pedestrian walkways, supports for LPG pipelines, and sub-services) are also in place, resting on smaller cell box girders that are scattered across the port area. 

The contract also includes dredging operations in the port, the laying of quarry material used for the box girders foundations, the supply and installation of accessories, and the fitting-out of quays and mooring/unmooring systems, which can also be managed remotely.