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Having participated in some of the most important infrastructure building works in Italy, Cmc has consolidated its position in the large-scale construction industry. Mention should be made of the first maxi section of the Salerno – Reggio Calabria motorway, the Mestre by-pass, and now the “Quadrilatero Marche and Umbria Regions” road project as well as the large road projects in Sicily.


All this is the core business of Cmc, and in this sector the company intends to grow with a view to creating further economies of scale and experiences, as well as to increasing its reputation.

The public contracts for infrastructures, hydroelectric works and also for construction, make up 80% of its order book in Italy and abroad.


As regards the Italian market, the constraints on government spending will increasingly limit the contracts with public resources, making way for forms of concession or public/private partnership which allow for the use of private capital.


Cmc is willing to take on this new challenge by entering the sector of work to be done and managed using private capital. More specifically, this refers to construction and management areas where Cmc has been able to best express its building skills: transport networks, port hubs.



Romagna Region


Deeply consolidated in the local territory Cmc, as the main company of Ravenna province, wishes to play a major role in the local infrastructural development not only participating in the construction tenders for large scale project in that area, but also acting as promoter and eventually operator for the same.


Cmc intends to actively participate in the new construction opportunities within the city of Ravenna: waterfront works and future development of an important residential area nearby the old harbour as well as the planned new road network.





Cmc business strategies overseas are focused on two main lines: geographical areas and type of works.

Cmc strategy is aimed to maintain and develop overseas operations in countries where its presence has already been consolidated since long time, particularly in Southern Africa, the Mediterranean, the People’s Republic of China and in East European areas of more recent development (the Balkans).


Thanks to the important know how acquired in more than 30 years of overseas experience, Cmc intends to develop its activities in the infrastructure and more complex building sectors with special emphasis on underground and hydraulic engineering, such as tunnels excavated by TBM (Tunnel Boring Machines).


In 2010 Cmc turned its attention towards the US market, acquiring the LM Heavy Civil Construction Company of Boston, which operates in the infrastructures sector in the North East of the Country.

This business deal will help Cmc to enter the construction market of the Usa using resources deeply-routed in that territory.