DiFazio Industries Inc

DiFazio Industries Inc


DiFazio Industries Inc

Cmc di Ravenna holds 33.3% of DiFazio Industries Inc, a New York based company with experience as general contractor in a wide variety of construction development projects.


DiFazio Industries Inc core business includes especially underground utilities works, construction and refurbishment of bridges and refurbishment of roads and highways, executive and service buildings.


DiFazio Industries Inc counts among its clients public utilities, private industry, and government agencies, such as:


· DDC New York City Department of Transportation Design and Construction

· DEP NYC department of Environment Protection

· NYC DOS New York City Department of Sanitation 

· NYPA New York Power Authority 

· NYS DOT New York State Department of Transportation



38 Kinsey Place
Staten Island, NY 10303
P: (718) 720-6966
F: (718) 816-5689