New Bellara steel complex, Algeria


project details

  • Employer Danieli di Buttrio (UD)
  • Country Algeria
  • Sector building projects, industrial buildings
  • Area Jijel
  • Contract value USD 20,000,000
  • Locality Tarzous
  • Status completed
  • Latitude 36.744494

  • Longitude 6.25087

project description

The new Bellara steel complex in the Wilaya di Jijel province extends over a total surface of 216 hectares and includes several facilities. Cmc is in charge of erecting two buildings that will host rolling mills 1, 2 and 3 (approximately 45 hectares) as well as some ancillary facilities having an area of approximately 10,000 m².
More specifically, civil works include: 
· Reinforced concrete foundations (expect poles, for which CMC is only in charge of cropping) of the two main
buildings (rolling mill 1 building, rolling mills 2 and 3 building), and construction of the related perimeter wall in blocks. 
The two buildings also require some additional civil works:
· Excavation and reinforced concrete works (foundations and vertical structures) for technological systems (steel bars and rolling mill heating system), including the cooling water reinforced concrete tank;
· Excavation and reinforced concrete works (foundations) of the iron bundle cooling area;
· Civil works for the technological buildings located under the rolling platform;
· Construction of the concrete industrial floors inside the buildings;
· Roads and paved areas in concrete, asphalt, and compacted soil;
· Rainwater and sewage water drainage, reinforced concrete passageways of perimeter trenches;
· Construction of the so-called auxiliary structures outside the buildings, i.e.:
· Excavation and reinforced concrete structures of the water treatment and cooling system;
· Excavation and reinforced concrete structures of 3 scale-pits;
· 3 multi-storey electrical cabins