Building of a new hospital compound in Camerano


project details

  • Employer Regione Marche
  • Country Italy
  • Sector building projects, civil and public buildings
  • Area Marche, Ancona
  • Contract value € 48,170,000 (amounting to € 34,200,000 - 2017 Annual Report)
  • Locality Camerano
  • Status completed
  • Latitude 43.531351

  • Longitude 13.548959

project description

The new hospital will serve both as a research centre and a local hospital, and will include 250 beds (allowing to hospitalize between 13,000 and 14,000 patients per year), 6 operating rooms,
30 examination rooms, an emergency room with a short intensive observation area, diagnostic services and areas  specifically devoted to scientific research, totaling 60,000 sq. m overall, in addition to the outdoor parking lot and the helipad. The compound is entirely in reinforced concrete and will be seismically isolated by means of latest-generation pendulum seismic isolators, which allow, even during a seismic event, to minimize the transfer of acceleration and displacements to the building. Among other features, this will be the first “A energy class” hospital built in Italy. The hospital will be built by the Temporary Association of Enterprises set up by Cmc di Ravenna, Conscoop Soc. Cooperativa, Ubaldi costruzioni Spa, and Arco Lavori.