Arror Multipurpose Dam Project


project details

  • Employer Keryo Valley Development Authority
  • Country Kenya
  • Sector water and irrigation works, dams
  • Area Elgeyo-Marakwet County
  • Contract value 229,000,000 € (Amounting to € 116,900,000 Annual Report 2017)
  • Locality Iten
  • Status ongoing
  • Latitude 0.672615

  • Longitude 35.508039

project description

The project is located in the north west of Kenya in the Rift Valley Province near the town Eldoret.

Developing the multipurpose project will provide improved food security and improved livelihoods of the communities.

The project will contribute towards alleviating electricity supply deficit in the country, conserve forest cover and will guarantee supply of water for industrial, domestic and irrigation in the area. 

Specific objectives of project:

1. To produce 60MW of electricity through development of HEP along Arror River.

2. Expansion of area under irrigation by bringing additional 2300 ha of land under crop farming to support the country’s food security.

3. The production and distribution of potable water for both domestic and livestock consumption.