Group companies

Cmc operates in some sectors complementary to its core business which, by choice and calling, remains civil contracting.


These operations include building materials, through the companies SIC Società Adriatica Impianti e Cave SpA and ACR Srl, and precast structures through GED Grandi Elementi Dimensionali Srl.


The over twenty year experience of Cmc in Mozambique has been consolidated with the registration of Cmc Africa Austral Lda, a limited liability company incorporated according to the laws of Mozambique and at present ranked as the first Contractor of the Country.


Furthermore, during the month of April 2011 Cmc took over LM Heavy Civil Construction of Boston (Usa), a construction company working mainly in the North East of the United States of America.

This business deal marks the entrance of Cmc into the construction market of the Usa using resources deeply-routed in that territory.